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Smarter email clients, Big Data, # in subject lines and more!

How if a smart watch or other wearable stops you from reading an unsolicited email from a female other than your wife, boss or client? Well, wearables might have a check on your emails this 2015! Beware before you kick start a new relationship!

Jokes apart, 2015 has a lot in store when it comes to email marketing. Responsive and Mobile Email was the new name for Email Design in 2014! It’s 2015 and what’s new? Designing and coding emails for wearables? Well might be!

In this infographic, we walk you through some of the awesome email marketing predictions for 2015.
Business leaders indicated they would

increase their

Email Marketing spend by a

roaring 61% in 2015!

And, before we kick start the predictions, let’s take a recap of email’s heavenly journey in 2014!

Email Surpassed Seo
Email surpassed SEO as the #1 channel for ROI!

68% companies rated email as ‘excellent or ‘good’ for ROI… Companies attribute 23% of their total sales to the email marketing channel.

Responsive Email Design
Responsive email design got a new name - 'Email Design'

53% of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q3 2014.

Snowshoe Spam
Snowshoe Spam (a new type of junk email) started to clog Inboxes

Snowshoe spam volume doubled to 15% in 2014 as compared to 2013.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation supported tremendous growth

70% of businesses used a marketing automation platform (MAP).

Social and email formed
Social and email formed a very powerful combination Facebook and Twitter opened up their APIs to strengthen collaboration with email databases.

Canada commenced
Canada commenced its battle against spam with CASL!

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation came into force July 1, 2014; expecting most marketers to tweak their email.

As most marketers are planning to spend big money on email, here are some of our top

Email Marketing

Predictions for 2015
  • 1
    Cross channel look-up based real-time personalization!

    Marketers will blend technology and listening aid to drive the best real time campaigns. 2015 will witness a surge in software and tools helping marketers easily execute cross channel look-ups. With this, they will be able to listen to cross-channel events & thereby provide targeted real-time content to prospects. taking it to a whole new level.

    Right Person
    Right time
    Right offer
    Real-time marketing provides a dramatic lift by 16% to consumer sentiment, 14% to purchase intent & 18% to interest & likelihood to recommend.
  • 2
    Big Data in Email to be used as much as any campaign could possibly use!

    Big Data in EmailGartner states, big data will drive $232 billion in spending through 2016 with data gathering practices to evolve to enrich marketing databases for behavioral intelligence.

    Predictive Analytics for transactional, cart abandonment, and browse abandonment emails in particular is bound to give spectacular results this year.

    Contextual behavior predictions shall greatly help pushing the consumers “up the funnel”!

  • 3
    A cohesive messaging strategy between Email & Social – Inevitable this year!
    cohesive messaging

    Paying more attention to cross-channel messaging would ensure better communication strategy integration.

    More synchronized posts on social media to align with the email message.

    Chart out content calendars to help integrate email more seamlessly with other channels.

  • 4
    Productive use of #Hashtags without overusing them – on a rise!

    Productive The subject line can still deliver a CTA, if well-written. Using hashtags in subject lines can drive action without an open. A study by Experian found that using the word “Twitter” in

    subject lines increases open rates by up to 14% and CTR by up to 2.3%. This can be leveraged by retailers catering to the teen market as people between 18 to 25 years of age utilize twitter more as compared to other social media platforms.

    Hashtag mailings appear to generate a modest lift of 4.8% in open rates but at the same time may see a drop in both click and transaction rates.

  • 5
    Engaging emailsEngaging emails aided by technology improvisations – just what’s needed!

    The introduction of improved HTML capabilities continues to change user interaction with their emails. Inbox by Google will look and function in a whole new way. The existing HTML frameworks would work for this change or will email marketers have to keep up with the change, by coming up with new templates, remains a question for this year!

  • 6
    AchievingAchieving a greater benefit from marketing automation tools!

    Existing marketing automation suites combine traditional marketing activities like content management, SEO, lead scoring and analytics to boost response via timely messages to prospects. Mobile marketing automation is poised to double in size in 2015 — or even triple!

  • 7
    Opt for strongerOpt for stronger CTA placements in your email subject lines!

    Like Google, many more email clients might provide quick action buttons in the subject lines. This will demand for smarter subject line copies and attractive value proposition so that marketers could possibly attract great traffic even when your emails remain unopened.

  • 8
    Repurposing contentRepurposing content in emails to aid maximum benefit to readers – on a rise!

    Repurposed featuring of content as friendly downloadable PDFs, e-books and whitepapers will be the new content spree. Content curation with only minor improvisations acknowledged by the changes within the passage of time may be observed!

  • 9
    Micro-targetingMicro-targeting likely to become the buzzword for 2015!

    The emphasis on sending helpful content via careful email list segmentation and smart targeting – as opposed to batch and blast – will continue to grow. Dashboards such as give customers an overview of their audience’s content and activity across channels like Twitter and Facebook- which can then be leveraged for micro-targeting through emails.

  • 10
    Preference CentersPreference Centers will have a permanent address this year- they are staying!

    With ever-evolving spam traps and increasingly clogged inboxes, we will see an increase in the use of email preference centers in 2015. This year they are not going to be looked as the last resort to make subscribers stay but instead as the first choice given to subscribers even before they get onboard.

  • 11
    Email Clients will get smarter this year!

    Email clients have already started to organize your incoming email not by time of delivery but by priority (based on your previous email reading habits). Newsletters may fade out eventually because of the necessity to open a newsletter for consuming the content within. Rather, subscribers will demand for more information digitally. The coming year may begin to recommend priority emails to be read…

  • 12
    Marketers wouldMarketers would be seen figuring out ways to optimize email for both the top and bottom of the funnel!

    As of now, marketers view email marketing at the bottom of the sales funnel, with a focus on conversion. If a consumer decides not to open an email that should not mean it hasn't left an impression. Over the year, companies will need to consider making email campaigns powerful for both top and bottom of the funnel.

  • 13
    AttentionAttention to security concerns shall see a steep rise!

    In the event of a phishing scam or attack associated with your brand, customers may avoid purchasing from you out of skepticism. More methods like DMARC will be seen standing against security breaches. This may gain more attention to protecting your brand & domain names from being attacked.

  • 14
    Internet of ThingsInternet of Things and Wearables

    Well, it’s the time for IOT and wearables! Exactly where we started! Marketers soon will stop being complacent about responsive web design. They will start figuring out ways for making email designs for wearables. How smart would that be?


What an exciting time to be in email marketing! Monks at the monastery feel that these divine trends will influence the direction of email marketing in the upcoming months. Pushing the boundaries of every email marketing aspect to provide a greater value to customers, shall be the abiding mantra this year!!

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