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Meet us. We are Email Monks, a group of calm and intelligent designers & coders who are devoted to offering a high standard of Email Coding to you. All of our Monks have some serious experience in the field of email marketing and share a common passion for coding high quality emails in a very short period of time.

One thing that binds us all together is the love of supreme ('Email Coding' in our case). We thoroughly enjoy our job and that is how we manage to satisfy each client and earn their praise and respect.

While we know that there are various other digital marketing avenues that we can explore with our skills and acumen, our focus remains simply on Email Coding. As all renowned monks will tell you, success goes to those who keep their eye on the ultimate goal and our ultimate goal is to transform the world of email coding with quick, exceptional and progressive work standards. Alongside, our HTMLs become all the more superior with our attention to each detail with regards to user friendliness, validations and coding standards.

Why Us

Why Us - Info
"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize"Thich Nhat Hanh

As you would expect with the monks, we believe in making the most of every moment and the above quote does inspire us quite strongly. It is through such precise time management and constructive utilization of each second, do we bring out our most compelling differentiator- that of coding your email HTMLs in the shortest time around.

Our offered turnaround time is a mere 8 hours (for our swiftest package) and given that we work 24/7, there are no time zone lags that can hinder your work.

Alongside, Monks also offer a few other reasons that shall make you feel like working with us:
  • Quickest Turnaround Time – Get your Email HTML in just 8 hours
  • Great Quality- Avail Peace of Mind
  • Experienced Coders & Designers- Now trust without reservations
  • Signing of an NDA- Your confidential information stays confidential
  • 100% Money back guarantee- Move ahead with confidence
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