July 24, 2014
Retina email

Retina Email Infographic – Overhauling User Experience with High Quality Display!

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With every thought, concept and strategy for your email to have the perfect email design – designers and coders sometimes still lose on results in devices with retina displays owing to blurred images, logos or icons and an unsatisfactory display. Retina Email is the devout solution to this issue.

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July 16, 2014
Retina email

All You Need To Know About Sender Score

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The importance of email deliverability & domain reputation is not less known. Monks believe that email deliverability & stellar sender reputation is that divine lilt, which if ignored, would lead towards failure to reach thousands of your customers. Sender score is a metrics that governs this reputation just like your report cards at school exams. Even if your emails are delivered, a poor Sender Score could imply that they aren’t reaching all your recipients’ inboxes. Monks unveil the holiness of what this metrics means and how to get the best of it.

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July 2, 2014
Retina email

Email Marketing Takeaways From FIFA 2014

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With FIFA demanding the entire world’s attention for over two fortnights – it took our attention too and we could just not hold ourselves from writing about it! A game which necessitates hard work from great sportsmen, dedication from the smallest FIFA executives and tons of sponsors’ money – has a lot happening behind the scenes at the host country. While the rest of the world celebrates the game, Monks forced by their zeal bring you a series of learning from the captivating FIFA World Cup 2014:

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June 27, 2014

7 Reasons To Remind You – “Never Opt For Email List Buying”

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Email marketers, in their quest for quick ROIs resort to email list buying in order to receive recipient addresses in high volumes. Bought Email Lists do not carry with them the ability of qualitative results and end up harming your email campaign for various reasons. The thing about buying email lists is that they do not belong to you and hence cannot help you in many ways you strategized for your business! It is like having a Letter of recommendation written from someone you never worked with!

Monks bring you the best out of their exposure, as to what exactly is so negative about these email lists.

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