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Email Design October 19, 2016
8 critical elements of an awesome email [Infographic]
Email is no longer a digital letter travelling from outbox of the sender to the inbox of the recipient. Almost 2...
Email Design October 3, 2016
Accordion in Emails sample
In the world of cut-throat competition, there is a saying that ‘Time is Money’. The more time devoted is equ...
Email Design September 21, 2016
Interactivity in emails
This world loves its choices. From clothes to cars, finding food to finding love and even from Instagram filter ...
Email Design September 7, 2016
embed video html
It’s an age of being connected. Globally each person uses at least 3 connected devices. As per a study, viewin...
Email Design August 31, 2016
Gmail Support display:none
An email coder is afraid of nothing… if only Gmail and Outlook rendering issues never existed. Hiding content ...
Email Inspirations August 19, 2016
Countdown in Email Examples
It’s not every day that you come across some visual that catches your eye, lures you to watch it, mesmerizes y...
Email Marketing August 15, 2016
13 Email Design Best Practices 2017
Relevant images, crisp text, what goes where in the layout…. phew! Email designing can be tough. But it is equ...
Email Inspirations August 4, 2016
Back to School Inspirations Thumbnail 1
With the end to month of July, glorious memories of summer become nostalgia. No more pool parties, no trips to b...
Email Design August 3, 2016
Menus in Email
As email marketers around the world explore different ways of engaging recipients, interactive email design is e...
Email Design July 29, 2016
Text-to-image ratio- Thumbnail
Let’s be part of an interesting conversation… Alex: Hey! I’ve designed an amazing email campaign with lots...
Email Design July 23, 2016
ExactTarget Master Template - Featured
An email template is like the skeletal structure of an email campaign. Without a proper email template, no amoun...
Email Design July 13, 2016
campaign monitor email template
Designing an email template is an intricate part of the email marketing campaign, and also the most challenging ...
Email Marketing May 27, 2016
Email signature or sig line, is the much loved to flaunt part of an email. While in general it is just informati...
Email Marketing March 16, 2016
Top 10 tips - Thumbnail
For most of you who have been passionately following the Monks, you have seen us put forward a lot of proven, vi...
Email Inspirations October 16, 2015
Hypermarket Inspiration Thumbnail
As per the latest figures shared by Kantar Worldpanel, the grocery market has witnessed a rise of 1.1%, fastest ...
Email Inspirations October 5, 2015
Christmas Thumbnail
Christmas is the season of joy and it becomes merrier for the email marketers when more recipients open and enga...
Email Inspirations September 28, 2015
Halloween email templates- Thumbnail
It’s just about a month to go for Halloween and we are sure you must have already planned a few Halloween camp...
Email Marketing September 21, 2015
“A picture is worth a thousand words”, when Arthur first used this phrase in one of his newspaper’s articl...
Email Marketing July 15, 2015
Flip effect in email-Small
With more of us trying to differentiate and offer best in class email marketing campaigns, it is necessary that ...
Email Inspirations June 26, 2015
reengagement small
Have you ever wondered why most people on your list never respond back to your emails? Well, it’s because 70% ...
Email Marketing June 16, 2015
Email Accorion
Before a week, we published ideas as to how different industries could use menus in email with three different s...
Responsive_Small _01
Responsive emails are in vogue.89% of marketers plan or (few already have) adopted responsive email design si...
Email Marketing August 18, 2014
BLOG Text_94
A little different from what we generally write, today Monks share with you some tips regarding the support of c...
Email Marketing May 27, 2014
BLOG Text_78
Like the video popularity, Animation as well has started winning hearts. Animation is a lot easier than video de...