Columbus Day Email Templates

Top 7 Columbus Day Email Templates-An Expedition to Success

Would you wear the same clothes this holiday season you wore last year?

No. Right?

Then, I’m sure you would not want to repeat those same emails marketing campaign you sent the previous year, for this season too.

This Columbus Day, design an entirely different Email campaign to add spark to your 2016 holiday email templates. Here, we bring Top 7 well-crafted Columbus Day Email Templates that can inspire you for designing something absolutely out-of-the-box:

1) H&M

• Used the red brand logo color to highlight the word SALE and draw subscriber’s attention to what’s important.

• Main message that is to be conveyed “BIG SALE STARTS TODAY” is displayed at the very top of the email.

• Single image used to announce the 25% off coupon offer along with CTA to items under the particular offer.

• Lastly, gave complete details regarding the range of items for all the age groups, under which the sale is applicable.

• A CTA to find the nearest store is really appreciable. Subscriber doesn’t have to search differently.

Columbus Day Email Templates- H&M

2) Gap

• Clever use of color contrast- Navy Blue and Sea Green.

• Prime information regarding the sale, i.e. Date and day of the sale displayed at the very top of Email.

• Layered layout to represent both online sale and in-store sale- first layer to bring attention to online 35% off sale and second layer to bring attention to in-store 40% off sale.

• A special 50% off on all in-store sweaters announced without occupying extra space or another layer of the email.

• Individual CTAs to other offers at the very end of email along with images representing the item that falls under the offer.

• Cherry on the cake- Free Shipping and Free returns at the end to lure the subscriber for purchase.

Columbus Day Email Templates- Gap

3) Gig Masters

• Simple yet quite effective.

• To create the sense of clock ticking, GigMasters made it quite clear that it is the last day of sale and it is the only big sale of the year.

• Along with the Columbus Day theme, even the timing of the Email was taken care of. Subscribers received the email on October 9 to remind them about Columbus Day and a last email was sent on 14th October, giving the subscribers last chance to shop.

Holiday Email Templates- GigMasters

4) TheVitaminShoppe

• An email that has close resemblance to an actual physical coupon.

• Today, most of the people use coupons. Hence, digital coupons turn out to be an effective promotion tactic.

• Single offer and direct CTA to create fewer distractions for subscribers.

Columbus Day Email Templates- TheVitaminShoppe

5) PBteen

• Unlike others, didn’t use Columbus-themed image for the entire email body, but just the header to remind subscriber about the Columbus Day sale and all the details regarding the same.

• Used image portraying the brand’s bedroom items and 20% off sale for those set of items.

• To emphasize more on the holiday season, PBteen gave different sale offers for Halloween, Back-to-school, etc.

Responsive Email Design- PBTeen

6) Tomato Ink

• Short and graphically rich email to announce the BIG SALE for Columbus Day.

• Instead of using a simple image that resembles Columbus Day, the brand designed some animated images for the same.

• Offered single offer of 12% off along with single CTA to shop under that offer.

• Lastly, ended the email with all the social media buttons for more subscriber interactions.

Columbus Day Email Templates- TomatoInk

7) Sears

• The only long email in the whole list.

• Used variety of images to represent all the offers introduced specially for the Columbus Day.

• To earn extra points on shopping for top brands, gave CTAs to brands that are available on Sears and under which offer is available.

• To know more about what the subscribers like the most, Sears displayed all the categories for the subscribers to choose from. With the message “We’ll bring it on”; it provides the subscribers the leverage of requesting for sale under the items they like.

Columbus Day Email Templates- Sears

So, what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and start with your 2016 Columbus Day Email campaign.

Give your subscribers more reasons to love you. Get inspired and design something that will leave your subscribers spellbound.

Monks offer you free Columbus Day design template which you can modify as per your brand requirements.


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