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Flip & Scratch effect in email

With more of us trying to differentiate and offer best in class email marketing campaigns, it is necessary that you make your emails interactive. After successful launch of accordion and menus in email, Monks bring you flip effect in email as well as scratch effect in email.

Advantages of Flip Effect in Email & Scratch Effect in Email

  • Attractive discount code

Scratch effect can be amazingly used for attractive discount code and coupons. You can actually allow the users to scratch the coupon and redeem the discount code easily. Scratch effect could also be used to let users engage on the welcome series or cart abandonment emails.

  • New launch or news showcase

Scratch effect could also be used for new launch or news showcase in a progressive manner. This will help to increase curiosity of the subscribers and at the same time.

  • E-commerce product display

The other kind of profile the E-commerce emails could be much more fun, especially the ones intending to cross sell and upsell. Using flip effect in email, you would be able to showcase the product alongwith its information on flip. You will be able to provide them add to cart or order options using forms in email with the help of a third party tool.

  • Smart newsletters

Some emails, typically newsletters, have a lot of information and at times using flip effects, the newsletters could be just like interactive landing page. Your recipients will be able to club the information like the product fab’s, team bios, etc. just as a flip to the image.

  • Time saving for mobile viewers

Like menus or accordions in email, flip and scratch (especially flip) can help engage more mobile users. With flip, you can actually cut down on lengthy content paragraphs and flip flop them as per your requirements.


As a constraint, Windows based clients may not be able to render such effects well. Flip and scratch will only work with email systems supporting external CSS. In Desktop, samples Will work well in Apple Mail & Thunderbird; whereas in mobile devices it will work in Native App only. A fallback has been provided for other email clients.


Flip and Scratch – These effects are compatible across all the leading email clients namely:

– iPhone 4,
– iPhone 5,
– iPhone 6 and 6+,
– Android 4.2, 4.3+,
– Android 2.3

To check the detailed compatibility report, click here.


  • Products as usual rank high on our chart wherein e-commerce businesses can send out emails with scratch coupon codes and flip flop product displays with information.
  • Companies wanting to share eBooks or other content with customers can actually share a part of the content in email using flip on hover where they can turn the pages and check the excerpts.
  • Research companies would be able to utilize flip effects in email to provide stats along with brief about the research.
  • Tourism companies can share amazing destinations with related package details using flip. They can likewise also use scratch effects for any coupon or voucher or deals.

And, there is so much more to the flip and scratch effects – So utilize it and know the difference in terms of engagement.


Get sample email on your mobile to see how it renders!

Flip effect in Email-GIF

Scratch effect in email-GIF_2

Few Best Practices

  • Visual cue for flip flop is important else there will be no action.
  • Timing of the flip and scratch is important else users might feel wasting a lot of time waiting for the effect to work. This might decrease the engagement.
  • Make sure you test the renderability as emails without scratch or flip will be totally meaningless to end recipient as they will not be able to check the content within.
  • If it’s a hover or touch based flip/scratch make sure you take into account finger targets for the mobile users.
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