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Top 7 Email Podcasts Enhance your Email Marketing Approach

Email marketing has always remained a core marketing strategy to attain the highest ROI as it is the most easiest and efficacious way to approach the potential consumers. An interview conducted by Marketing Profs also revealed that consumers too like to be approached via emails – making emails the strongest tool of communication.

This has not only raised the demand of email marketing strategies, but has also increased the myriad experts to talk about effectual email marketing approaches; and add more essentials to the strategies. With the availability of ample podcasts, the mind dwindles as to which podcast to attain insights from. Well, Monks have saved your time by gathering the top email marketing podcasts that can help in improving and enhancing your email strategies.

#1 Marketing Cloudcast by Salesforce


In this Cloudcast that features some of the most brilliant email influencers, you can listen to them discuss various elements like: trends, strategies, and several other topics in the email industry. This podcast will not only allow you to jot down excellent email tips, but will also hone your email marketing skills. Learn more about this podcast by clicking here.

#2 LiveIntent’sEverything Email Podcast


This monthly podcast from LiveIntent demystifies the innovative side of emails, debunk email myths, and elucidate email errors in the best way possible. From this email podcast you can attain the insights of email deliverability, email authentication, etc. Listen to the speakers Kerel Cooper and Ali Swerdlow share their expertise here.

#3 Call to Action Podcast from Unbounce

CTAs in emails are quintessential as it showcases the successful email marketing stories. This podcast from Unbounce can help in creating remarkable success stories and how you can implement those tips to reap the maximum revenue. To listen to this podcast and create amazing marketing experiences, click here.

#4 Litmus’s Email Design Podcast

Litmus’s email design podcast is purely devoted to email vogue. This podcast can give you’re the learnings of latest industry news, while keeping you updated with fresh marketing strategies, tools to utilize, coding and its thumb rules, etc. The podcasts can be heard here.

#5 Email the Podcast

The Email Podcast
Email The Podcast is a great resource to unveil breathtaking email designs that successfully nurtures and cultivates a lead. The show features Action Rocket’s Email Design lead Elliot Ross, and Mailchimp’s Senior UX Manager Fabio Carneiro. Learn all the flashy gimmicks here.

#6 Ask Me about Email Marketing by AWeber

Ask Me About Email Marketing by AWeber features numerous topics to explore countless learning to gain. In this podcast you can hear the asked questions and their best delivered answers on how best you can approach consumers. Find the best question answered by Tom Tate here.

#7 The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

Emails are the backbone of most businesses facilitating in pulling out the best results. This podcast holds the thoughts and ideas of several influencers, who can help boost your email marketing strategies. Listen to the experts’ opinions here.

Do let us know which one of these podcasts helped you the most.

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