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Dive Deep into the World of Travel Email Marketing Automation

Picture this….

A new customer enters your travel agency and expresses his desire to book a vacation trip to a place that’s romantic, lovely sea and sand, and of course a cozy hotel room that is affordable – but has not yet decided on the location.

You recommend different options that fits his holiday plans and budget. He happily books a trip with your travel agency and has a great time throughout his vacation trip. His good experience with your agency prompts him to return to your agency when he desires to go on trip next year.

A few months on…. he comes across a Facebook ad offering a guide of top 10 places to go on vacation within a small budget.

He subscribes for email newsletter to get the guide for free and receives many emails like:
• Special Offer! 30% off on a trip……
• Go for a summer trip to…..

Meanwhile, he has not heard from your agency and the online agency is winning his heart just by emails, sans any face-to-face conversations. What’s the probability of that person coming back to your agency next year? Dim. You are no more in his list, let alone preferred option!

Travel Whitepaper Banner

As David Newman says, “Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale”. And when it comes to Travel Agencies & Services industry, according to Email Metrics Benchmark Study it receives 56.7% email open rate, highest amongst other 17 industries included in the study.

IBM Graph- Email Marketing Automation

Hence, it becomes pivotal to make your best foot visible. To render you some help, we bring Travel Industry Email Newsletter Inspirations:

1. Promotional Email

Travelocity designed an inverted email design approach for their travel deal alerts. The email grabbed attention at the top by a funky tagline and image. And, provided little bit of information in between and a CTA at the bottom for reader’s to act on. By mentioning “Discover our new tool….” it has brought in a sense of excitement about their new tool.


Travelocity- Email Automation

2. Welcome Email

Well, colorful content goes with Gogobot. Unlike other travel industry newsletters, it experimented with a combination of photography and illustration in order to break away from the monochromatic color scheme. To establish cohesion and balance in the email, it has used bright pink color text at the starting of email and at the end as well.

Newsletter Inspiration- Gogobot

3. Offer Email

Easy Jet knows how to hit the right chord of new customers by using inspiring taglines like “Let’s work that passport”. Another enticing feature of email is the handful of holiday types it offers with one offer example for each. Without overwhelming the recipient with too much of stuff, it has offered few concrete examples of offers.

EasyJet- Email Automation

4. Pre-arrival Email

Go the extra mile and make your customers feel sheer exhilaration around the time of their holiday. Setting up a simple pre-holiday program to create a sense of excitement about the trip can be the best way to automate whole process. Let me give you an example:

Pre-time- Email Automation

You might not have seen an immediate impact of this on booking numbers but will certainly make more customers to be loyal and visit you frequently. It’s these little things that matter & count! Below is an apt example of pre-arrival email, wherein all the information is taken care of with much needed courtesy.



5. Time-targeted Emails

To inspire a sense of excitement and urgency, countdown offers can be beneficial. The same was practiced by Expedia for their recipients to track how much time was left with them for a limited-time deal. They maximized the conversion rate by optimizing for mobile with big buttons and clean design.

Expedia- email automation


6. Weather-targeted Emails

Without manually segmenting their list, Carnival allured its customers to book a cruise in cold weather conditions. They included a well-crafted message that included real-time weather conditions with regards to place from where recipient was reading the email.

Carnival- Travel Industry Email Inspiration

 What’s working?

How is travel industry reaching their subscribers so effectively? Check out how they are incorporating personalization and targeting subscribers through their travel industry newsletters.

1. Personalization

Using animated images of recipients’ name on the door hangers of the room for their Honors program can be a sweet gesture. According to Experian, Personalized marketing emails have 41% higher unique click rates & 29% higher open rates than non-personalized emails.

Personalization- Email Automation

2. Real-time Inventory

For interactive messaging in email, many tourism and travel companies have started offering real-time messages. For instance, many airlines have switched over web cropping to offer customers an opportunity to select their seats within an email.

Real Time- Travel Industry Newsletters

3. Automate

Email Automation prevents manual mistakes and allows to free up resources. Sending out email prior to your customer’s arrival is a great way of showcasing your customer service. Moreover, it increases potential up-selling and cross-selling with the clients and they start anticipating more for their trip.

Automate- Travel Industry Email Newsletter Inspiration

So what you can do now?

Travel industry newsletters run the gamut when it comes to email design. Don’t miss out any opportunities to gain customer feedback with a questionnaire and an incentive to book a trip again. Travel industry is dab hand at all this as they know the value of customer feedback and testimonials.

BONUS TIPS: How to increase your email list

  • Excite wanderlust with pictures and videos of exciting destinations.
  • Establish yourself as the travel expert when you send out professional newsletters filled with travel tips.
  • Motivate more bookings with instant news of great vacation deals.

Bear in mind, even if you’re not implementing this tips, your competition probably is. What are your some favorite travel brand email newsletters? We’d love to hear. And even share in the popular EmailMonks Inspiration Gallery.

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