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Monks offer two integration options
1Basic Integration

Basic ESP integration involves incorporating email templates that allows a basic level of edits to text, sections and images, if permitted by the ESP chosen by you.

2Advanced Integration

Advanced ESP Integration allows edits as few ESPs provide their own template libraries allowing complete customization to remove, hide, edit, drag or duplicate the sections in your email template.

ESP’s We Support

Email Service Provider Basic Advance
Mailchimp $19 $49
iContact $19 Vision6
Dotmailer $29 $79
Bronto $29 $49
Vision6 $19 Vision6
Lyris $19 Vision6
StreamSend $19 $49 $29 $79
Hubspot $29 Vision6
Adestra $29 $79
Marketo (V 1.0) $19 $49
Marketo (V 2.0) $29 $79
Eloqua $29 Vision6
Mailingwork $19 $49
E-ngine $19 $49
Pardot $29 $79
Web Power Vision6 $79
Sparkpost Vision6 $49
TaxiForEmail $29 $49
Acxiom $19 $49
Any other $19 Vision6

If there is any other ESP, please mention it while placing the order.

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