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Welcome to our Holy sanctuary where our group of Monks come together and chant mantras from the World of Email. Dig deep and walk through some of the most amazing trends in Email Marketing. Monks strive for a continuous innovation, creativity and bring to you the best meal at the refectory. Relish the Email Marketing best practices, maturity models, tips, how tos and much more.

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Retina Email Infographic – Overhauling User Experience with High Quality Display!

With every thought, concept and strategy for your email to have the perfect email design – designers and coders sometimes still lose on results in devices with retina displays owing to blurred images, logos or icons and an unsatisfactory display. Retina Email is the devout solution to this issue.

All You Need To Know About Sender Score

The importance of email deliverability & domain reputation is not less known. Monks believe that email deliverability & stellar sender reputation is that divine lilt, which if ignored, would lead towards failure to reach thousands of your customers. Sender score is a metrics that governs this reputation just like your report cards at school exams. [...]

5 Essentials For Going Trigger Happy On The Sign-up Anniversaries!

People like being wished on their birthdays and other special occasions, but everyone does birthday emails. If you want to go that extra mile to groom your relation with your subscribers and attain email marketing nirvana, why not surprise your subscribers with a personalized wish on their subscription anniversary! This would not only set you [...]

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