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Welcome to our Holy sanctuary where our group of Monks come together and chant mantras from the World of Email. Dig deep and walk through some of the most amazing trends in Email Marketing. Monks strive for a continuous innovation, creativity and bring to you the best meal at the refectory. Relish the Email Marketing best practices, maturity models, tips, how tos and much more.

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Email Delivery Infographic & Checklist

Marketers go bananas before sending email campaigns! There are just too many things to be taken care of at the time of launching an email campaign and missing a thing or two is very likely! To help mitigate the last rush hour anxiety, Monks charged up with their expertise bring you this infographic – “Email [...]

7 Sacred Tips to Grow Your Subscriber List Organically

It has always been our ardent advice that one shouldn’t opt for list rentals. To reinforce our advice and show you an alternate pathway, we have come up with a list of tips which, will ensure that your email sign-up process becomes more effective. These tips will help in achieving a boosted organic growth in [...]

A Devout Brief on the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)!!!

With the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into enforcement, from July 1, 2014, the email marketing world battles to tweak their email marketing strategies. Amidst all that frenzy, Monks bring you a brief of what the CASL is all about. The following post may take into account only the ‘Commercial Emails’ perspective of CASL:

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