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Mantras from the world of Email.
Welcome to our Holy sanctuary where our group of Monks come together and chant mantras from the World of Email. Dig deep and walk through some of the most amazing trends in Email Marketing. Monks strive for a continuous innovation, creativity and bring to you the best meal at the refectory. Relish the Email Marketing best practices, maturity models, tips, how tos and much more.

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Infographic: Dynamic Email Content and 18 Scenarios making the case for it!

Do you know 78% of CMOs think that custom content is the future of email marketing? Well, why not? With higher conversion rates and proven success, real-time (dynamic) content is surely one of the most sought after email marketing mantras. Remember, relevant emails drive 18x more revenue than broadcast emails. Relevant, Personalized Content to every [...]

19 EMAIL DELIVERABILITY TERMS to meditate for better inbox placement!!

A hundred things go into the details of email delivery. With various inbox management tools available, it’s gotten more difficult to reach the subscriber’s inbox.  is extremely inevitable. Despite following the email design best practices, email delivery has always been a conundrum for many. Monks bring you a list of 19 email deliverability terms that [...]

4 pious Integration types that make Email Marketing more unified!

Out of the ocean full of marketing media vehicles available for your disposal, Email is surely one such big head. But, every marketing channel should be aligned and work in tandem with one another. Yesss!! INTEGRATION is exactly what we are talking about! A 360 integrated marketing communication approach encompassing email, search, digital, outdoor, print, [...]

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