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Mantras from the world of Email.
Welcome to our Holy sanctuary where our group of Monks come together and chant mantras from the World of Email. Dig deep and walk through some of the most amazing trends in Email Marketing. Monks strive for a continuous innovation, creativity and bring to you the best meal at the refectory. Relish the Email Marketing best practices, maturity models, tips, how tos and much more.

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Nifty Tips To Crack The Email Marketing Code in the Second Half of 2014

With each turning page on the calendar the market scenario changes and everyone is left gasping for getting a hold on the new ways to deal with this change; the email world being one of the most dynamic one changes at a neck breaking speed. But worry not the Monks always have mantras that will [...]

8 winsome stats making Email an indispensable marketing channel!

With mobile marketing and content marketing topping the charts as the most significant commercial digital marketing trends, the fate of Email marketing is nowhere near demise. A few numbers pertaining to the email marketing industry 2014, reflect that the power of email marketing is here to stay! With such powerful stats to back our marketing [...]

3 elements of an effective Subject Line!

Subject lines are the determining factor of your email campaign’s success. With the subscriber’s inbox inundated with emails, they are the deciding factor for whether to click and read what is inside or leave it unopened. Briefly, they get to make or break your email campaign! Monks with their sublime experience bring you the 3 [...]

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