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Mantras from the world of Email.
Welcome to our Holy sanctuary where our group of Monks come together and chant mantras from the World of Email. Dig deep and walk through some of the most amazing trends in Email Marketing. Monks strive for a continuous innovation, creativity and bring to you the best meal at the refectory. Relish the Email Marketing best practices, maturity models, tips, how tos and much more.

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Infographic: Debunking the Top 15 Email Marketing Myths!

Do you think ‘Free’, ‘Sale’, etc. are spammy words & can’t be used in a subject line? OR Do you consider sending emails on Wednesdays, believing it generates a better CTR? The above are just myths that dominate the email marketing world; practised so vehemently that many marketers have actually started believing in them! Email marketing [...]

Unsubscribe Best Practices Infographic: Solving the email relationship crisis!

Last month, we at the monastery explored various unsubscribe examples of a few renowned brands. Unsubscribe has been every email marketer’s nightmare. At a point, where your readers have decided to opt-out, the most you can do, is take a chance by giving them a reason to stay! Your company’s unsubscribe landing page could be [...]

Preventing Perils of Offline opt-ins!

Email list building is one of the most important email marketing activities and in fact; the pillar on which your entire email campaign relies. Marketers come up with the most bizarre or sometimes prodigious opt-in gates; where not all fall under list building best practices. Offline and online opt-ins are the two very wide opt-in [...]

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