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Who are Email Monks and where are they located?

Email Monks comprises experienced, knowledgeable and efficient team of email template designers and coders with over 10 years of industry experience. We like to do it the Monkish way. Therefore, our team is devoted towards the quality and pace of work, offering quick turnaround.

Monks operate out from state of the art premises in India. They are well-equipped with the required infrastructure to offer everything we claim.

I have a very short deadline. How can you help in less time?

Just take a deep breath and Monks will be there to bless you. We offer email template design, coding as well as provide readymade templates that can be customized to your requirements.
We can provide HTML coding and template customization in as less as 8 hours. Moreover, this is available 24/7.
Just get in touch with us & see how we deliver the work lightning fast

Is the provided time-line in terms of actual hours or working hours?

Monks work 24/7 and thus all hours of the day are working hours. In short, we can provide you your work within 8 actual hours.
Therefore, when we say 8 hours, it means 8 hours from the time your order (along with your designs) was received.

Commercial Matters

Would you require upfront payment?

Yes, upfront payment would be required. Given the extremely short deadlines that we work with, an initial payment helps us get the project underway immediately.

This way, the mark-up of your design is started right away which assists us in keeping deadlines.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept payment in US Dollars.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made through paypal. Moreover, all major credit and debit cards are also accepted.

Are there discounts that I can avail on bulk orders?

Other Specifications

Which Email Clients are supported by your code?

Our email templates are built in a way that they are compliant with all major email clients. Find below the list of email clients that are supported by our code:


  • faq MS Outlook 2003+
  • faq Outlook Express
  • faq Apple Mail
  • faq Yahoo! Mail
  • faq Windows Live Email
  • faq Mozilla Thunderbird
  • faq MS Outlook 2003+
  • faq AOL Webmail
  • faq HotMail
  • faq Opera M2


  • faq  iOS
  • faq  Android
  • faq  Blackberry
  • faq  Symbian
  • faq  Windows Mobile

More Information

What do you want me to provide?

Nothin, except the email design in the format that you have. The formats that monks prefer are PSD/AI/ESP. While you can also send designs in JPEG, GIF, BMP and PDF formats, it wouldn't be possible to extract text from the images in such scenarios.

In this case, we develop image oriented emails. However, why lose sleep when you have monks working for you? Extensive testing is conducted to ensure that the image loads flawlessly on all major email clients.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a fresh design, you can either fill out our email design questionnaire or contact us to get a personalized email template design.

How can you be so confident about your quality?

All our monks are highly experienced and have worked on many similar projects in the past. Moreover, we are aware of all the email issues that you face; and hence we can correct them with ease.

We proudly make use of Litmus to ensure that your email template is excellent and compatible, both at the same time.

Do you offer revision?

Monks are there to keep you happy. We, therefore, offer revisions till the time you are satisfied.

However, if there is a change in the artwork or content from what was submitted to us initially, revisions in such cases would be chargeable. The charges start from $ 15/revision.

Do you provide after sales support?

Yes of course; chat with us or drop us an email and we will be more than willing to help.

When and where can you be contacted?

Is there anything else you can offer me?

We are primarily focused on designing and coding high quality & compatible Email templates for your email campaigns. 

However, our monks can also provide website design and development, if you need such services.

Could you please provide more details on 100% money back guarantee?

Will you be ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

General Details About Email Coding

Why should I outsource to Email Monks?

An email marketing campaign can substantially assist your business & its marketing. Coding your email HTML can be tricky, though. There are various desktop email clients and webmail providers, who all have their unique set of rules.

This means that your email HTML should be compatible with all these email clients to ensure that your mail consistently looks exactly the way it is desired to. It is, hence, that you need to outsource it to someone who has experience in the field and can make sure that your efforts are reaping results.

Our monks have over 10 years of experience and they know their business as well as anyone else.

Are there any restrictions of email designs? What are those?

When it comes to the email clients, there is limited possibility of making use of CSS. Some of the following restrictions are established because of the same:

The text that is laid over the patterned background is made as an image. The editable HTML text can only be laid over solid colour backgrounds. It is not possible to do the same with patterned backgrounds.

When you place one element over the other then both the elements would be a part of one image. For example, if a button is placed over the background, both of them would be made as one image.

Please refer our “Email/Newsletter design best practices” infographic to get a holistic idea.

You can also refer to our “Email/Newsletter design checklist” to make sure that you are designing best of the class emails.

What is the optimal width of an email template?

You can consider 600 px to 700 px to be the optimal width of an email template.

Which fonts are better to use for an email template?

Web fonts which are put without animation can be considered good. All other fonts will be turned into images.

Why is table based coding used in case of email templates?

Tables are made use of for email templates to ensure that they are compatible with multiple email clients. This includes even the smaller clients which do not support CSS or cannot load images.

An email template that is marked up with tables will always be compatible with a larger number of email clients.

Fresh Design

Do you also design email templates from scratch?

With talented designers and visualizers, Email Monks is well capable of creating a fresh and personalized email template design for you. You can place an order for Fresh Email Design and Coding here.

How do you integrate our resources for designing afresh?

Monks will integrate your creative resources, ask them to share the brand guidelines, logo and other required brand elements and once we have the complete details, we will retain the look and feel of the brand and design the template afresh.

Will I get both email design and code in mentioned delivery time?

Ideally, the coding of Emai in Email Design and Development service starts only after we get final approval of design. The timeline is of Email Design deliverable, the code will be started only after you approve the final design.

Email TemplateCustomization

How Does Template Customization Work?

To customize an email template for you, we require branding information and related elements from you, along with content and a basic brief. Once we have them, we customize a template in your branding with said specifications.

Browse our email templates


When you purchase an Email Template from Email Monks, you are free to use it multiple times/customize it for you and/or your clients, however, it doesn’t allows you to resell and/or distribute the purchased template(s) in anyway.

Why should I pay $65 for Templates when there are other websites that sell email templates for little as $20?

Most other websites that offer $20 email templates expect you to re-brand the template to fit your company brand change content, images etc yourself. To do this you require access to design software such as Photoshop, knowledge of HTML, good understanding of how different email programs render your email, etc. Monks however, offer the design and production service as part of the cost. Once you place an order, group of creative team will do the job of rebranding your template and change content and images based on the information you provide. You can then straight out run a campaign from your email system with no HTML knowledge required.Monks additionally also see to it that your email template will render on most popular (40+) email programs.

Do you offer revisions?

Yes we do provide revisions.Revisions are a part of any design process. We offer up to three revisions for all the designs we do, any other changes over and above three fixed iterations will be charged at $15/revision.

I don't have an ESP. But I have a contact list and would like to send out an email to my list. Can you help?

No, we just help you with the design and coding of templates. We don’t offer email blast services. However, we can suggest the tools we like for Email Delivery. Send an email on and we’ll get back to you with our suggestions.

Can I use my personal email program (i.e. Outlook) to send out email templates designed by you to my contact list?

If you order the HTML version, you will be able to use Outlook or similar email programs to send it out to your contact list. However, we recommend integrating the template with ESP’s like Campaign Monitor, Mail Chimp, etc. (We are in no away associated/affiliated with any of the ESPs for reselling their services).

How do I find out if I can use templates from email Monks in my email marketing system?

Templates from Email Monks support all of the leading email marketing systems. To name a few:

  • faq Mail Chimp
  • faq Constant Contact
  • faq Campaign Monitor
  • faq iContact
  • faq Aweber
  • faq dotMailer

If you are using a different email marketing system, please chat with us live or drop us an email and we will check if we can integrate the template to your email marketing system or not.

Do you have HTML templates customers can use?

Yes, we have a full library of HTML templates for your selection and are adding more every week.

  Browse our email templates


Monks can help you for a Successful Email Campaign.

Monks are here to help you!
Join us on the live chat in case the above listed FAQs could not resolve your queries. If an agile Design to Email HTML conversion is all what you are expanding efforts on to; it’s no longer a Cock and Bull Story. Email Monks are setting up an industry milestone through the fastest HTML Email Template Conversion service that converts Designs [PSD / JPEG / AI...], Images to Email HTML in as less as 8 hours.

From our experience, we understand that most organizations need coding service 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week. Email Monks are catering to one such need for the corporations across the globe. Join hands with us today to get the most out of our skillful resources along with other offerings like: Cost effective coding, Confidentiality and Quality Assurance.